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Volumes 35-36 of the Collected Papers

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1 What Is Knowledge? [19??]
2 The Day of Judgment [1893]
3 The Strike at Arlingford [1893]
4 Staff Remuneration at Newnham [1908]
5 Preface to Philosophical Essays [1910]
6 The Reconstruction of International Intellectualism after the War [1915]
7 The Case of the Conscientious Objector [1916]
8 An Open Letter to Some Would-Be Friends of the Conscientious Objector [1916]
9 Preface to Mysticism and Logic [1917]
10 Institutions and Motives [1919]
11 [Response to Welcoming Speech to China] [1920]
12 [Mathematical Logic] [1921]
13 Foreword to the German translation of The Problems of Philosophy [1924]
14 Report to the Council of Trinity on Wittgenstein’s Work [1930]
15 [Authenticity and authority of English version of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus] [1960]
16 Private Memoirs [1956]
17 Schiller on Determinism [1909]
18 Synopsis Theory of Knowledge [1950]
19 The Case of Mr. E. Chappelow [1916]
20 “On Sheffer” [1951]
21 Notes for Human Knowledge [c.1943–48]
22 Preface and Mathematical Notes for the French Edition of An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry


I The Censorship of Plays [1908]
II Textual Notes from the MS for “Political Ideals” (Paper 56 in Papers 14)
III Textual Notes from a MS (Rec. Acq. 1410d) for “Bertrand Russell and the War Office” (Paper 70 in Papers 13)
IV A Conversation with Bertrand Russell
V Mrs. Bertrand Russell’s Banned Lecture [1928]
VI Manchester Meeting Raided [1917]
VII The Turco-Italian War [1911]
VIII Support for Women’s Suffrage [1909]
IX Questions Concerning F.C.S. Schiller [c.1950]
X Bertrand Russell’s Seminars [1950]
XI Whitehead’s Notation for Multiple Relations [1905]
XII Notes on Poincaré, RMM Nov. ’05 [1905]
XIII Note de M. A.N. Whitehead [1905]

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