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The Bertrand Russell Peace Lectures

The Russell Peace Lectures are a prestigious lecture series, sponsored by the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University. The series, which began in 1985, focuses on issues related to the maintenance of world peace based on respect for human rights, democracy and justice.

This lecture series is endowed in part by the Keith Leppmann Memorial Fund of McMaster University, established by Keith’s family and friends. Archives of the series are available for research.

Year Lecturer/Lecture
2018 Andrew Bacevich
2014 Douglas Johnson
2011 M.S. Swaminathan
2009 Gwynne Dyer
2008 Cynthia Cockburn
2007 Francis A. Boyle
2006 Hans von Sponeck
2002 Noam Chomsky
2001 Cynthia Enloe
2000 Johan Galtung
1999 Joseph Rotblat: “II. Bertrand Russell and the Pugwash Movement: Personal Reminiscences
1997 Ken Coates
1996 Ramsey Clark
1995 Ursula Franklin
1994 Vandana Shiva
1992 Edward W. Said
1991 Elena Bonner
1991? Richard Falk
March 1989? Randall S. Forsberg
1987 Shridath Ramphal
1987 Mary Kaldor
1985 E.P. Thompson: “From Protest to Survival