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 Michele Haapamaki  Stephen Heathorn

Michele Haapamaki has been appointed as the Centre's Metcalf fellow. She comes to us from the University of British Columbia where she completed both her BA (1998) and MA (2003) in History. For her MA thesis, Michele tackled how British left-leaning writers in the interwar period modified or rejected their erstwhile pacifism in order to justify anti-fascist participation in the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). For her PhD at McMaster (under the supervision of Stephen Heathorn, one of the Collected Papers editors), Michele intends to expand on her MA topic and discuss left-wing intellectuals and the themes of pacifism, heroic masculinity and national identity in the interwar years. Russell's activism in the 1930s will be an important part of her discussion, and as part of her Metcalf fellowship, Michele will provide research assistance to the editors of the Collected Papers and Collected Letters over the next two years.

Research Trip

Andrew Bone spent a profitable couple of days researching at the BBC Written Archives in Reading, UK. The Archives Centre is located on the grounds of Caversham Park, an old country-house estate, where Royalist troops were lodged during the siege of Reading in the English Civil War. The main building dates from the nineteenth century and is presently the home of the BBC Monitoring Service—a branch of the World Service that is concerned with the gathering and translation of news and comment from media around the world.

There is an abundance of archival material relating to Russell's long (forty-year) association with the BBC: from scripts for his numerous talks, to correspondence with BBC producers, to mundane items such as the booking slips which detail the financial and other terms on which he agreed to appear on the radio or television. Although much of this material has been photocopied and sent to the Russell Archives, a significant amount of material cannot be copied for copyright reasons. This material relates to Russell's frequent appearances on such discussion panel programmes as the Brains Trust and London Forum.

Dean's visit

Newly appointed Dean of Humanities, Nasrin Rahimieh, accompanied by Suzanne Crosta, Associate Dean, visited the Russell Centre on Tuesday 16 September. This gave her an opportunity to meet many of the members of the Russell Centre, learn what we do, and share some of her background and research interests with us.


The Centre was fortunate to have five students working this summer: Linda Gourgy, Sarah Halsted, Sarah Hipworth, Lindsay Holdsworth and Salomeh Mohajer. All the students scanned letters from microfilm for the Collected Letters project and performed a range of research and other duties relevant to work-in-progress of the Collected Papers. Lindsay Holdsworth worked on the Russell film for Red Canoe. Sarah Hipworth assisted with searching and printing of Russell related items from his American lecture tours in the 1920s.

Sarah Halsted


Swedish Russell scholar, Stefan Andersson, was here for his annual summer visit. William Bruneau, co-editor of Vol. 18 of the Collected Papers, arrived here in May and again in September for research and meetings with his co-editor, Stephen Heathorn. David Blitz, the editor of Vol. 30, has begun a one-year sabbatical during which he will be based at the Russell Centre.

David Blitz

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