Two conferences were held this spring: the annual meeting of the Bertrand Russell Society and “Russell versus Meinong: 100 Years after ‘On Denoting’”. About eighty people attended from twelve countries, including Israel, Sweden, Britain, Holland, Poland, Italy, Austria, France, Portugal, Finland, South Africa and Australia, as well as Canada and the United States. Registrants from both conferences joined together at the BRS banquet on Saturday, 14 May. The banquet speaker was Tim Madigan who talked about Russell as a character in fiction. The “Denoters” also went on a trip to Niagara Falls on Monday evening. Kenneth Blackwell, Nicholas Griffin and
Dale Jacquette organized the conferences with the assistance of Arlene Duncan.


At Niagara Falls   Skylon Tower

It is anticipated that the proceedings of the “On Denoting” conference will be published. There were papers on many aspects of Russell’s theory of descriptions, as well as Meinong’s theory of objects, and the celebrated debate between the two philosophers. Other papers dealt with contemporary issues in the theory of reference and the philosophy of language. Russell Society members heard a recording of Russell speaking at the Russell–Einstein Manifesto press conference which took place fifty years ago. Papers were given on a wide variety of topics from eugenics to space and time. Bernard Linsky and Raymond Perkins gave papers at both gatherings.

Stephen Heathorn at BRS Society

Many conference attendees either visited or did research in the Bertrand Russell Archives while they were at McMaster. Two displays were done for the “On Denoting” conference: one in Archives and Research Collections in Mills Library by Carl Spadoni and the other in Chester New Hall by April Beresford of the Humanities Office.

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