Deborah Gorham spoke to the Southern Ontario Modern British History Seminar on Beacon Hill School on 16 April 2004. Her paper is a work on progress and resulted in much discussion. She will return to McMaster in the summer to continue her examination of the School.

Deborah Gorham

Gregory Blue of the Department of History, University of Victoria, visited McMaster on 21 April. He is researching a book on Western intellectual understanding of China in the 1920s and beyond. He had coffee with members of the Russell Centre. We discussed Vol. 16 (in progress) of the Collected Papers which has a large section on Russell and China. He then went on to the Archives to look at correspondence between Russell and Joseph Needham as well as articles by Russell on China.

Gregory Blue

Two students are working for the Russell Centre this summer. They are Sam Hanna and Megan Platts who are assisting the editors of Volume 21 with annotation research and textual work in addition to scanning letters.

Megan Platts and Sam Hanna

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