Russell. N.s. Vol. 37, no. 1. Summer 2017

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Editor’s Notes
Richard T.W. Arthur and Nicholas Griffin“Russell’s Leibniz Notebook”
ABSTRACT: In preparation for his lectures on Leibniz delivered in Cambridge in Lent Term 1899, Russell started in the summer of 1898 to keep notes on writings by and about Leibniz in a large notebook of the type he commonly used for notetaking at this time. This article prints, with annotation, all the material on Leibniz in that notebook.
Richard T.W. Arthur, Jolen Galaugher and Nicholas Griffin“Marginalia in Russell’s Copy of Gerhardt’s Edition of Leibniz’s Philosophischen Schriften
ABSTRACT: Russell’s most important source for his book on Leibniz was C.I. Gerhardt’s seven-volume Die philosophischen Schriften von Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Russell heavily annotated his copy of this important edition of Leibniz’s works. The present paper records all Russell’s marginalia, with the exception of passages marked merely by vertical lines in the margin, and provides explanatory commentary.
Richard T.W. Arthur and Nicholas Griffin“Moore’s Notes on Russell’s Leibniz Lectures”
ABSTRACT: G.E. Moore attended Russell’s lectures on Leibniz in 1899 and kept detailed notes which have been preserved among his papers. The present article prints his notes in their entirety with annotations.
Kenneth Blackwell and Nicholas Griffin“The Texts of A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz
ABSTRACT: The extant manuscript is described in relation to Russell’s Trinity College lecture course in 1899 and its subsequent preparation for the book of 1900. Alterations within the MS are reported. So are revisions that must have followed on a missing typescript, as derived from comparing G.E. Moore’s copy of the page proofs with the MS. His suggested changes are compared with the text of the first edition along with emendations Russell must have made on his own copy of the proofs.
Bertrand RussellDiscarded Preface to A Critical Exposition of the Philosophy of Leibniz Introduced by Nicholas Griffin
Bertrand RussellPreface to the French Edition Introduced by Nicholas Griffin
Kenneth BlackwellThe Philosophy of Leibniz: a Bibliographical Index

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