Russell. N.s. Vol. 34, no. 2. Winter 2014–

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Editor’s Notes
Kirk Willis“Russell and the Nobel Prize”
ABSTRACT: Russell’s receipt of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950 is one of the best known facts about him. What is less appreciated in the political and intellectual context of that award. This essay examines that context and the evolution of Russell’s public and intellectual reputation in the immediate post-war period.
Sheila Turcon“Then and Now: Bertie and Colette’s Escapes to the Peak District and Welsh Borderlands”
ABSTRACT: Bertrand Russell and Constance Malleson visited two places in the Peak District and the Welsh borderlands during the early years of their romance, 1916–18. They wrote frequently about both places. Their biographers, however, spend little time on them. What they do write is sometimes inaccurate and in one case jaded. The author visits the places to see what they are like today and to gain insight into why vacations there intensified the couple’s relationship.
Kenneth Blackwell“New Periodical Articles by Russell”
Stefan Andersson“Behind the Scenes at the BRPF, the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, and the Russell Tribunal”
Ray Perkins, Jr.Review of Güberk Koç Maclean, Bertrand Russell’s Bundle Theory of Particulars
Russell WahlReview of Alexandre Guay, ed., Autour des Principia Mathematica de Russell et Whitehead
Nicholas GriffinReview of Gottlob Frege, Basic Laws of Arithmetic. Derived Using Concept-script
Stefan AnderssonReview of Michael Uhl, Vietnam Awakening: My Journey from Combat to the Citzens’ Commission of Inquiry on U.S. War Crimes in Vietnam
Jyotish Ch. BasakLetter from the Author

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