Russell. N.s. Vol. 33, no. 2. Winter 2013–14

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Editor’s Notes
Michael D. Stevenson“ ‘In Solitude I Brood On War’: Bertrand Russell’s 1939 American Lecture Tour”
ABSTRACT: An important American lecture tour undertaken by Bertrand Russell in April 1939 has been largely ignored because of the long-standing embargo on tour letters sent by Russell to his third wife, Patricia. Taking advantage of the embargo’s recent expiry, this paper provides annotated transcriptions of twenty-four letters sent by Russell to Patricia and others during the tour and analyzes topics such as his family relationships and interactions with a wide array of individuals. Most importantly, Russell’s tour letters demonstrate his evolving viewpoint on pacifism and his evaluation of the tense international situation as World War II approached.
Bernard Linsky“Russell’s Notes for “Meinong’s Theory of Complexes and Assumptions”
ABSTRACT: This paper presents fifteen pages of notes and marginal comments from Russell’s study of Meinong’s Ueber Annahmen and two other works in preparation for his 1904 article “Meinong’s Theory of Complexes and Assumptions”. The notes include an early appearance of the argument for the existence of universals that Russell later used in Chapter 9 of The Problems of Philosophy. The main focus of the notes is on Meinong’s notion of “objective” and the contrast with Russell’s notion of proposition, with non-existents such as “the round square” barely mentioned.
Kenneth Blackwell“Rejoinder to Schiller’s ‘Choice’ ”
I. Grattan-GuinnessReview of John Ongley and Rosalind Carey, Russell: a Guide for the Perplexed
Ray Perkins, Jr.Review of G.E. Moore, Early Philosophical Writings
Kenneth BlackwellReview of Margaret MacMillan, The War That Ended Peace: the Road to 1914
Andrew G. BoneReview of Lawrence S. Wittner, Confronting the Bomb: a Short History of the World Nuclear Disarmament Movement

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