Russell. N.s. Vol. 30, no. 2. Winter 2010–11

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Editor’s Notes
Sheila Turcon“Like a Shattered Vase: Russell’s 1918 Prison Letters”
ABSTRACT: Russell’s collected prison correspondence is an editorial challenge. I provide the basis for such a project using the analogy of a shattered vase. All known correspondents are identified as well as their letters. The letters are in various forms—originals, transcriptions, condensed transcriptions, and mimeographs—as well as types—official, smuggled, and messages within letters. I pay special attention to Russell’s love letters to Constance Malleson, describe his prison experience, and show why the prison letters were important to his spiritual wellbeing.
Edith Russell“‘Clark’s Fatuous Book’ (Part 3)”
I. Grattan–Guinness“Russell’s Speech at the London School of Economics in 1965: a Note on a Partial Film Record”
Sheila Turcon“What Did Colette Know and When Did She Know It?”
Omar W. NasimReview of David Mills Daniel and Megan Daniel, Briefly: Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy
Andrew G. BoneReview of Martin Ceadel, Living the Great Illusion: Sir Norman Angell, 1872–1967
Alexander Paul BozzoReview of Michael Potter and Tom Ricketts, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Frege
Chad TrainerReview of Reiner Braun et al., eds., Joseph Rotblat: Visionary for Peace
Dustin Z. OlsonReview of Rosalind Carey and John Ongley, Historical Dictionary of Bertrand Russell’s Philosophy
Michael D. StevensonReview of Patrick Wright, Iron Curtain: from Stage to Cold War
Arlene Duncan“Index to Russell, n.s. 26–30 (2006–10)”

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