Russell. N.s. Vol. 30, no. 1. Summer 2010

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Editor’s Notes
Dale Jacquette“Axiom of Infinity and Plato’s Third Man”
ABSTRACT: As a contribution to the critical appreciation of a central thesis in Russell’s philosophical logic, I consider the Third Man objection to Platonic realism in the philosophy of mathematics, and argue that the Third Man infinite regress, for those who accept its assumptions, provides a worthy substitute for Whitehead and Russell’s Axiom of Infinity in positing a denumerably infinite set or series onto which other sets, series, and formal operations in the foundations of mathematics can be mapped.
Chad Trainer“Poetic Emotion versus Truth: Russell’s Preference for Spinoza over Locke”
ABSTRACT: This article explores why Russell believed Spinoza to be a superior philosopher to Locke. The latter’s empiricism is closer to Russell’s epistemology than the former’s rationalism, and the superiority of the former’s metaphysic is dubious at best. This makes for an intriguing choice. Normative ethics is the most likely basis, but Russell did not believe that this area of inquiry should be considered part of philosophy.
Edith Russell“‘Clark’s Fatuous Book’ (Part 2)”
Stefan Andersson“Kenneth Sidney Coates, 1930–2010”
Timothy J. Madigan“‘Six Degrees of Bertrand Russell’”
Michael ScanlanReview of Nicholas Griffin and Dale Jacquette, eds., Russell vs. Meinong: the Legacy of “On Denoting”
Stefan AnderssonReview of Alan Schwerin, ed., Russell Revisited: Critical Reflections on the Thought of Bertrand Russell
Peter StoneReview of Jyotish Ch. Baska, Bertrand Russell’s Socio-Political Ideas
Kenneth BlackwellReview of Routledge Classics series

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