Russell. N.s. Vol. 29, no. 2. Winter 2009–10

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Editor’s Notes
Gregory Landini“Russell and the Ontological Argument”
ABSTRACT: It is well known that in Principia Mathematica Russell offers a theory of definite descriptions and holds that ‘existence’ is not a property. It is less well known that in “On Denoting” he discusses the version of Anselm’s ontological argument for God formulated by Descartes, accepting the premiss “Existence is a perfection” and assessing the argument as valid but question-begging. This is different from his later comments in A History of Western Philosophy which find the argument invalid. Indeed, given the sanctions of Principia, one might have thought he would find the argument logically ungrammatical. This paper shows how Russell might formulate and evaluate Anselm’s ontological argument and the version offered by Descartes in a way that avoids the conflict.
Thomas R. Foster“Russell’s ‘Do Differences Differ?’”
ABSTRACT: This paper examines one of Russell’s views, held about the turn of the century, found in a short, unpublished manuscript entitled “Do Differences Differ?”. This work was one of Russell’s early attempts to focus solely on the issue of whether relations were universal or specific relations. Written before The Principles of Mathematics, the manuscript can serve as a step toward that work. To provide a framework for our discussion, we look at aspects of his yet earlier views on this matter. In discussion of the manuscript itself, the present paper divides “Do Differences Differ?” into four distinct parts, discusses some issues and problems with its view, and ends with four distinct responses by Russell to its view.
Roma Hutchinson“Index to Mortals and Others
Irving AnellisReview of Dov M. Gabbay and John Woods, eds., Logic from Russell to Church, and Leila Haaparanta, ed., The Development of Modern Logic
James ConnellyReview of Michael Potter, Wittgenstein’s Notes on Logic
Stefan AnderssonReview of Laura Slot, Consistency and Change in Bertrand Russell’s Attitude towards War
Philip Ebersole and Timothy J. MadiganReview of Katie Roiphe, Uncommon Arrangements
Sylvia NickersonReview of Timothy J. Madigan, W. K. Clifford and “The Ethics of Belief”

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