Russell. N.s. Vol. 29, no. 1. Summer 2009

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Editor’s Notes
Bertrand Russell and Edith Russell“Bertrand Russell’s Work for Peace [to 1960]”
ABSTRACT: Bertrand Russell may not have been aware of it, but he wrote part of the dossier that was submitted on his behalf for the Nobel Peace Prize. Before he had turned from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to the Committee of 100 and subsequent campaigns of the 1960s, his wife, Edith, was asked by his publisher, Sir Stanley Unwin, for an account of his work for peace. Unwin’s purpose is not known, but it is not incompatible with the next use of the document.
Cara Elizabeth Rice“Shelley: a Russellian Romantic”
ABSTRACT: Russell’s enthusiasm for the romantic poet Shelley contradicts the common notion that the philosophical outlook dulls our emotions. Russell loved Shelley even though he was careful to examine the shortcomings of the young poet and of the romantic genre. Furthermore, Russell acknowledged his own weaknesses inherent to his interest in the romantics. Love through a philosophical lens is arguably superior to love through a romantic filter because the former allows for a clear perception of the object. Russell’s passion for Shelley is a case in point.
Louis Greenspan“Russell at McMaster Today”
ABSTRACT: McMaster University acquired the Russell collection in 1968. Since that time hundreds of researchers have come from every corner of the world and have collectively revealed a treasure of the intellectual and political life of the twentieth century. Russell’s name is not on everyone’s lips today, but the archive still contains material vital to our own concerns: to our concern about what has gone wrong in the twentieth century, to the status of science as a paradigm of knowledge, to the rise and fall of communism, and to the prospects of world order. The archive contains wonderful material on all these subjects.
Edith Russell“Clark’s Fatuous Book”
Announcement“Call for Papers for PM@100
Kenneth Blackwell“Variants, Misprints and a Bibliographical Index for Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
Sheila Turcon“Recent Acquisitions”
Sylvia NickersonReview of Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos Papadimitrou, Logicomix
David BlitzReview of Graham Stevens, The Russellian Origins of Analytical Philosophy
Richard Henry SchmittReview of Alexander Waugh, The House of Wittgenstein: a Family at War
Chad TrainerReview of Paul Edwards, God and the Philosophers
Gülberk KoçReview of Osman Emalı, Bertrand Russell’s Moral Philosophy

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