Russell. N.s. Vol. 26, no. 2. Winter 2006–07

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Editor's Notes
Christopher Pincock“Richard Semon and Russell’s Analysis of Mind
ABSTRACT: Russell’s study of the biologist and psychologist Richard Semon is traced to contact with the experimental psychologist Adolf Wohlgemuth and dated to the summer of 1919. This allows a new interpretation of when Russell embraced neutral monism and presents a case-study in Russell’s use of scientific results for philosophical purposes. Semon’s distinctive notion of mnemic causation was used by Russell to clarify both how images referred to things and how the existence of images could be reconciled with a neutral monist metaphysics.
Bernard Linsky“Russell’s Notes on Frege’s Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, from §53”
ABSTRACT: This paper completes a series of three devoted to the notes that Russell made on reading Gottlob Frege’s works beginning in the summer of 1902. Notes in the two previous papers were used in the preparation of Appendix A of The Principles of Mathematics, “The Logical and Arithmetical Doctrines of Frege”. The bulk of the notes published here are on the formal proofs in Grundgesetze der Arithmetik, which begin at §53 and continue through the rest of Vol. 1. There is no mention of these notes in published works of Russell. Additional notes were made in 1903 when Vol. 2 arrived. Brief notes found in Russell’s copy of Grundgesetze include some on Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik and preliminary notes on Grundgesetze. With material on the contradiction already published this completes the publication of Russell’s notes on Frege in the Russell Archives.
Michael ScanlanReview of Guido Imaguire and Bernard Linsky, eds., “On Denoting”, 1905–2005
Ray Perkins, Jr.Review of Michael K. Potter, Bertrand Russell’s Ethics
Stefan AnderssonReview of Øystein Hide, ed., Bertrand Russell om krig, fred og pasifisme [Bertrand Russell on war, peace and pacifism]
Chad TrainerReview of Robert Hinde and Joseph Rotblat, War No More: Eliminating Conflict in the Nuclear Age

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