Russell. N.s. Vol. 26, no. 1. Summer 2006

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Editor's Notes
Kirk Willis“Russell and His Obituarists”
ABSTRACT: Even in a life full of unusual achievement and distinction, Bertrand Russell managed the remarkable feat of dying twice—first, in China in 1921, and then, in Wales in 1970. He prompted, therefore, two distinct sets of obituaries, written five decades and much controversy apart. This paper examines both clutches of obituary notices, traces Russell’s evolving public renown over the twentieth century, and makes plain how he himself set the contours of much of this memorializing thanks to his own many autobiographical writings.
Urmas Sutrop“Bertrand Russell in Estonia”
ABSTRACT: This essay presents first what we know about Russell’s visit to Tallinn (Reval), Estonia, during his trip to Russia in 1920. Unnoticed by his biographers, Russell spent over a week in Estonia (9–11 May and 16–23 June). Secondly, Russell’s personal and intellectual connections with Estonia, including his frequent mentions of the Baltic Barons such as Count Keyserling and jokes about Estonians, will be revealed. These are followed by his involvement with Clifford Allen in Estonia and Dora Black’s visit there. Finally, a once-secret British Government memorandum on the relations between Russia and the Baltic States will be pointed out.
Christopher Pincock“Rejoinder to Soames”
Stefan AnderssonReview of Nicholas Griffin, ed., assisted by Alison Roberts Miculan, The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell, Vol. 2: The Public Years, 1914–1970

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