Russell. N.s. Vol. 25, no. 1. Summer 2005

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Editor's Notes
J.E. King"Bertrand Russell on Economics, 1889–1918"
ABSTRACT: Bertrand Russell was perhaps the last great philosopher to take an active interest in economics. After a brief, youthful engagement with the economics of socialism in 1889, Russell wrote on economic questions in three separate periods up to 1918, and in each case there was a clear political motivation. The first, in 1895–96, arose from his investigation of Marxism as a creed and of German social democracy as its principal contemporary political expression. The second, in 1903–04, was provoked by his intervention on the free trade side of the tariff controversy. Finally, in 1915–18, Russell's commitment to Guild Socialism and to war resistance led him to some profound, if rather speculative, reflections on the economics of libertarian socialism. In this paper I discuss each of these three phases in Russell's economic thought and conclude that he never went far enough in his opposition to neo-classical theory in general, or to its utilitarian foundations in particular.
Deborah Gorham"Dora and Bertrand Russell and Beacon Hill School"
ABSTRACT: This essay examines Beacon Hill School, founded in 1927 by Bertrand and Dora Russell. I consider the roles of the school's two founders and the significance of the school as an educational and social experiment, situating its history in the context of the development of progressive education and of modernist ideas about marriage and childrearing in the first half of the twentieth century. Although Bertrand Russell played a crucial role in founding Beacon Hill, it was primarily Dora Russell's project, and it was exclusively hers from 1932 until the school ceased to exist in 1943.
Kenneth Blackwell"A Bibliographical Index for Principia Mathematica"
Nicholas GriffinReview of Kevin C. Klement, Frege and the Logic of Sense and Reference
Stefan AnderssonReview of Svante Nordin, Ingemar Hedenius
Peter StoneReview of Tariq Ali, Street Fighting Years
Sheila TurconReview of Lord Stanley of Alderley, The Stanleys of Alderley, 1927–2001: a Politically Incorrect Story

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