Russell. N.s. Vol. 24, no. 2. Winter 2004–05

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Editor's Notes
Kevin C. Klement"The Origins of the Propositional Functions Version of Russell's Paradox"
ABSTRACT: Russell discovered the classes version of Russell's Paradox in spring 1901, and the predicates version near the same time. There is a problem, however, in dating the discovery of the propositional functions version. In 1906, Russell claimed he discovered it after May 1903, but this conflicts with the widespread belief that the functions version appears in The Principles of Mathematics, finished in late 1902. I argue that Russell's dating was accurate, and that the functions version does not appear in the Principles. I distinguish the functions and predicates versions, give a novel reading of the Principles, section 85, as a paradox dealing with what Russell calls assertions, and show that Russell's logical notation in 1902 had no way of even formulating the functions version. The propositional functions version had its origins in the summer of 1903, soon after Russell's notation had changed in such a way as to make a formulation possible.
Bernard Linsky"Russell's Notes on Frege for Appendix A of The Principles of Mathematics"
ABSTRACT: This article presents notes that Russell made while reading the works of Gottlob Frege in 1902. These works include Frege's books as well as the packet of offprints Frege sent at Russell's request in June of that year. Russell relied on these notes while composing "Appendix A: The Logical and Arithmetical Doctrines of Frege" to add to The Principles of Mathematics, which was then in press. A transcription of the marginal comments in those works of Frege appeared in the previous issue of this journal.
Roma Hutchinson"Index to Russell's The Impact of Science on Society"
I. Grattan-Guinness"Comments on Stevens' Review of The Cambridge Companion and Anellis on Truth-Tables"
I. Grattan-GuinnessReview of Stefano Donati, I fondamenti della matematica nel logicismo di Bertrand Russell

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