Russell. N.s. Vol. 21, no. 2. Winter 2001

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Editor's Notes
Kevin C. Klement"Russell on `Disambiguating with the Grain'"
ABSTRACT: Fregeans face the difficulty finding a notation for distinguishing statements about the sense or meaning of an expression as opposed to its reference or denotation. Famously, in "On Denoting", Russell rejected methods that begin with an expression designating its denotation, and then alter it with a "the meaning of" operator to designate the meaning. Such methods attempt an impossible "backward road" from denotation to meaning. Contemporary neo-Fregeans, however, have suggested that we can disambiguate with, rather than against, the grain, by using a notation that begins with expressions designating senses or meanings, and then alters them with a "the denotation of" operator to designate the denotation. I show that in his manuscripts of 1903–05, Russell both considered and rejected a similar notation along with the metaphysical suppositions underlying it. This discussion sheds light on the evolution of Russell's thought, and may yet be instructive for ongoing debates.
Kenneth R. Stunkel"Bertrand Russell's Writings and Reflections on History"
ABSTRACT: This essay examines Russell's historical writing, views on historical knowledge, and what history meant to him. In addition to frequent historical references in writing on ethics, religion, social issues, education and politics, and some half- dozen works mostly historical in character, he wrote four reflective essays on history and its uses. They are "On History" (1904), "The Materialistic Theory of History" (1920), "How to Read and Understand History" (1943) and "History as an Art" (1954). There are additional scattered, brief examples of historical exposition and interpretation in works for the popular press, but these 80 pages or so stand out from an enormous body of work from about 1895 to 1970.
I. Grattan-Guinness"Reply to Urquhart"
Sheila Turcon"Recent Acquisitions"
Gary OstertagReview of Gideon Makin, The Metaphysicians of Meaning: Russell and Frege on Sense and Denotation
David BlitzReview of Frances Stonor Saunders, The Cultural Cold War: the CIA and the World of Arts and Letters
Peter StoneReview of Peter H. Denton, The ABC of Armageddon: Bertrand Russell on Science, Religion and the Next War, 1919-1938
Ray PerkinsReview of Paul Strathern, Bertrand Russell in 90 Minutes

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