Russell. N.s. Vol. 20, no. 2. Winter 2000

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Editor's Notes
David Blitz"Russell, Einstein and the Philosophy of Non-Absolute Pacifism"
ABSTRACT: Russell and Einstein shared a commitment to a form of pacifism which Russell termed "non-absolute pacifism", or "relative political pacifism". Despite a 1947 disagreement on the roles of the United States, the Soviet Union and the immediate measures to be taken for world peace, Russell and Einstein were able to collaborate again in 1955 due to their shared philosophy. Newly discovered annotations by Einstein on a 1947 Russell article are used to analyze their disagreement, while their later statements are used to illustrate their shared commitment to a type of pacifism which allowed, exceptionally, for a justified war in the special circumstance of an enemy opposed to "life as such".
Ray Monk"The Continuing Importance of Bertrand Russell"
ABSTRACT: To really appreciate the range of his achievements, we need an interdisciplinary effort; we need a carefully researched definitive edition of Russell's work, edited by a team consisting of, among others, philosophers and historians, a journal devoted to studying the various aspects of his activities and a whole army of researchers with access to a well-catalogued archive of his papers.
Kenneth Blackwell"A Bibliographical Index for The Principles of Mathematics"
ABSTRACT: Although Russell included in his general index most of the authors he cited in the Principles, he still omitted a fair number, including Moore for one article and his own writings many times. Some of his citations are incomplete, vague, or in error. This index offers full citations for all 166 of his references to the literature of his subject.
Keith GreenReview of Ray Monk, Bertrand Russell, [Vol. 2:] 1921-70: the Ghost of Madness
Gary OstertagReview of Jan Dejnozka, Bertrand Russell on Modality and Logical Relevance
Michael ScanlanReview of Bernard Linsky, Russell's Metaphysical Logic
Thom WeidlichReview of Louis Greenspan and Stefan Andersson, eds., Russell on Religion
Giovanni de CarvalhoReview of Guillermo Hurtado, Proposiciones Russellianas
Sheila TurconIndex to Russell, n.s.16-20 (1996-2000)

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