Russell. N.s. Vol. 19, no. 1. Summer 1999

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Editor's Notes
Alan Schwerin"A Lady, Her Philosopher and a Contradiction"
Michael Byrd"Part VI of The Principles of Mathematics"
Dawn Ogden and A.D. Irvine"A Bibliographical Index to Bertrand Russell's A History of Western Philosophy"
Jan Dejnozka"Reply to Falk's Review of The Ontology of the Analytic Tradition and Its Origins"
Arthur Falk"Rejoinder to Dejnozka's Reply"
Keith GreenReview of Ben Rogers, A.J. Ayer: a Life
Sheila TurconReview of Katharine Tait, Carn Voel: My Mother's House
Louis GreenspanReview of William R. Everdell, The First Moderns
Kenneth BlackwellReview of A.D. Irvine, ed., Bertrand Russell: Critical Assessments

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