Russell. N.s. Vol. 17, no. 1. Summer 1997

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Editor's Notes
[Unsigned]"Lasting Impressions of Bertie Russell"
John Shosky"Russell's Use of Truth Tables"
Larry D. Harwood"Russell's Reticence with Religion"
Melanie Chalmers and Nicholas Griffin"Russell's Marginalia in His Copy of Bradley's Principles of Logic"
Darryl JungReview of F.A. Rodriguez-Consuegra, The Mathematical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell
Nicholas GriffinReview of A.C. Grayling, Russell
A.D. IrvineReview of Ray Monk and Anthony Palmer, eds., Bertrand Russell and the Origins of Analytical Philosophy
Louis GreenspanReview of Suzanne Cunningham, Philosophy and the Darwinian Legacy
Stefan AnderssonReview of Philip Ironside, The Social and Political Thought of Bertrand Russell

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