Russell. N.s. Vol. 12, no. 2. Winter 1992

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Editor's Notes
Marvin Kohl"Bertrand Russell's Characterization of Benevolent Love"
Howard Woodhouse"Russell and Whitehead on the Process of Growth in Education"
Gregory Landini"Russell to Frege, 24 May 1903: `I Believe That I Have Discovered That Classes Are Completely Superfluous'"
Nicholas Griffin"The Legacy of Russell's Idealism for His Later Philosophy: the Problem of Substance"
Francisco A. Rodriguez-Consuegra"A New Angle on Russell's `Inextricable Tangle' over Meaning and Denotation"
Sheila Turcon"Recent Acquisitions: Correspondence"
Katharine Tait"Review of N. Griffin, ed., The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell"

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