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2022: an inscribed 2nd edition of Bertrand Russell, Public Intellectual, ed. Madigan & Stone

2021: 1st prize, Cold War Hopes and Fears, 1950–52 (CPBR 26), ed. Bone: Steve Morley-Mower

2021: 2nd prize, Acquaintance, Knowledge, and Logic: New Essays on … The Problems of Philosophy, ed. Wishon & Linsky: Rick Lewis

2020: winner of an autograph copy of My Philosophical Development: Thom Weidlich

2019: winner of an inscribed copy of The Philosophy of Logical Atomism: a Centenary Reappraisal, ed. Elkind & Landini: Logan Drake

2018: winner of an inscribed copy of Bertrand Russell’s Life and Legacy, ed. Stone: William Mc Kenzie-Goodrich BA
2017: winner of inscribed Bertrand Russell, Public Intellectual, ed. Madigan & Stone: John Lenz

2016: winner of a 1st edition of Theory of Knowledge (CPBR 7): Billy Joe Lucas

2015: winner of an inscribed copy of Cambridge Essays (CPBR 1): Phil Ebersole
2014: winner of an autograph copy of Mysticism and Logic: Susan Vombrack
2013: winner of a volume of Man’s Peril (CPBR 28): Fikre Germa

Honorary members

Neil Abercrombie
Tariq Ali
Kenneth Blackwell

Noam Chomsky
Daniel Ellsberg
Christopher Farley

Johan Galtung FR
Taslima Nasreen
John Allen Paulos
John Russell (7th Earl)
Amartya Sen IN
Katharine Russell Tait
(1923–2021) UK
Ibn Warraq

honorary members

A.J. Ayer (1910–1989)
Mario Bunge

Ken Coates (1930–2010)
Peter Cranford
Lester E. Denonn
Elizabeth R. Eames
Paul Edwards
Antony Flew
Michael Foot
Ivor Grattan-Guinness

Paul Kurtz (1925–2012)
Nelson Mandela
Linus Pauling
David Pears
Karl Popper
W.V. Quine
Conrad Russell (5th Earl)
Dora Russell
Edith Russell
John Conrad Russell (4th Earl)
Paul A. Schilpp

Life members

Akram T. (Medina, MN)
Bruneau W.A.
(Vancouver, BC) CA
Calder W.M.
(Urbana, IL)
Darland D.J.
(Rock Island, IL) Iowa Chapter
Doubleday N.
(Hamilton, ON) CA Sustainer

Elkind L. (Bowling Green, KY)
Jackanicz D.W.
(Chicago, IL)
Jonath E.
(Volketswil) CH
Jonath Y.
(Volketswil) CH
Lenz J.R.
(Madison, NJ)
Linsky B.
(Edmonton, AB) CA
Madigan T.
(Rochester, NY)
McGovern M.E.
(Norway, ME)
Reid J.
(Wellesley, MA)
Roemer A. (Mexico City) MX
Weyand C.L. (Meridian, ID)


Members (black or blue = renewed)

Adams S. (Queensland) AU

Andersson S. (Lund) SE

Argolo Gonçalves P. (Rio de Janeiro) BR

Beaney M. (Berlin) DE

Blair H.A. (Syracuse, NY)  Rejoined, Contributor

Blitz D. (Winsted, CT)

Bone A. (Hamilton, ON) CA

Bracke S. (Lochristi) BE New Member

Bustos M. (Northampton, MA)

Carey R. & Ongley J. (Bronx, NY)

Chouinard R. (Fournier, ON) CA New Member

Connelly J. (Peterborough, ON) CA

Crawford S. (Cheshire) UK

Davis R.K. (West Hollywood, CA)

Derham R. & I. (Swindon) UK New Members

Dowel L. (Truganina) AU New Member

Drake L. (Iowa City, IA)

Duarte de Carvalho G. (Rio de Janeiro) BR

Duran J. (Goleta, CA)

Eisler J. (Madeira Beach, FL) Rejoined

Esser S.F. (Villanova, PA) New Member

Fallin R. (New York, NY) Sustainer 2024

Ferreira R. (Rio Gran) BR

Fitzgerald J.J. (Longmeadow, MA)

Flores R. & Pizzi S. (Barcelona) ES

Flynn T. (Williamsville, NY)

Forcan M. (Belgrade) RS

Forcan P. (Jersey City, NJ) Sustainer

Gallagher D. (Wrexham) UK

Members (black or blue = renewed)

Garciadiego A. (Santa María Nonoalco) MX

Germa F. (Brantford, ON) CA

Glienna F. (Pasadena, CA)  New Member

Gottlieb A. (New York, NY)  New Member

Griffin N. (Troy, ON) CA

Grossman T. (Rockport, MA)

Hannah B. (Grand Rapids, MI) New Member

Hansen E. (Sierra Madre, CA) Sponsor

Hanson-Park J. (Lebanon, PA)

Harley D. (Paris, ON) CA

Hawkinson S. (Davenport, IA)

Henehan D. (Henrietta, NY)

Hittel K. (New York, NY)  New Member

Jalil M. (Ottawa, ON) CA New Member

Klein A. (Belfountain, ON) CA

Klement K. (Amherst, MA)

Koç Maclean G. (Calgary, AB) CA

Korhonen A. (Helsinki) FI

Kuboki Y. (Sapporo, Hokkaido) JP Rejoined

Kurtz S. (Amherts, MA)

Laidlaw J. (York, ON) CA

Landini G. (Coralville, IA) Iowa Chapter

Leitzel J. (Chicago, IL)

Lewis R. (London) UK

Lissandrello D. (Flanders, NJ)

Maragides S. (Granite City, IL)

Maris K. (San Antonio, TX)

Martens D. (Johannesburg) ZA

Martin F. (Peace Valley, MO)

Matsushita A. (Saitamashi, Saitama) JP

McClenahan J. (Lyndhurst, VA)

McDole G. (Berkeley, CA) Sustainer

McElroy C. (Dublin) IE

Mc Kenzie-Goodrich BA W. (Portland, ME) Rejoined

McWilliams J. (Indianola, MS)

Merck R.B. (Brunswick, GA) New Member

Milkov N. (Herford) DE

Mondal A. (Aligarh) IN

Morley-Mower S. & C. (Los Angeles, CA) Sustainer

Notaro K. (Cheshire, CT)  Rejoined

Odom Jr. R.H. (Shreveport, LA) Sustainer

O’Leary D. (Swanzey, NH)

Olson D. (Regina, SK) CA

O’Rorke P. (Menlo Park, CA)  Rejoined

Paton C. (Winnipeg, MB) CA Rejoined

Perkins R. & K. (Concord, NH)

Perovic K. (Iowa City, IA)

Pigden C. (Dunedin) NZ

Pincock C. (Columbus, OH) Rejoined

Potter M.K. (Windsor, ON) CA


Members (black or blue = renewed)

Preston A. (Valparaiso, IN)

Prisk T. (San Francisco, CA)

Radujkovic T. (Coulounieix-Chamiers) FR New Member

Ratti G. (GE) IT

†Reinhardt S. (Wilmington, DE)

Riggins T. (New York, NY)

Schmid A.F. (Paris) FR

Schwerin A. (Wayside, NJ)

Seignior D. (Glen Iris) AU New Member

Seligman D. (Shokan, NY) Sustainer

Sephton E. (Coral Gables, FL) New Member

Sesanker C. (West Hartford, CT)

Shipley J. (Gallatin, TN)

Simpson T. (Nottingham) UK

Slime T. (Montreal, QC) CA New Member

Smith D. (Glasgow) UK

Solovay R. (Eugene, OR) Rejoined

Soon’gyu K. (Seoul) KR

Spadoni C. (Hamilton, ON) CA

St. Vincent T. (Wakefield, MA)

Stapleton R. (Hamilton, ON) CA

Stevenson M. (Orillia, ON) CA Sustainer

Stone F. & J. (Bethlehem, PA)

Stone P. & H. (Dublin) IE

Stott G. (Sudbury, ON) CA

Stromme A. (Durham, NC)

Swartz R. (Evanston, IL)

Taylor J. (Pasadena, CA)  New Member

Textor M. (Guildford) UK

Thacher M. (Los Angeles, CA)  New Member, Sustainer

Thomas L. (Madison, NJ)

Tion E. (Caledon, ON) CA

Tracey M. & Oliver I. (Jersey City, NJ) New Members

Trainer C. & Rice C. (Hummelstown, PA)

Trybus A. (Lubuskie) PL

Turcon S. (Burlington, ON) CA

Violante F. (Bologna) IT

Wade B. & Rochelle P. Sustainers (Saratoga, CA)

Wahl R. (Pocatello, ID)

Webster R. (Brighton, MA)

Weidlich T. (New York, NY)

White A. (Cambridge) UK  New Member

White D. & L. (Rochester, NY)

Wishon D. (University, MS)

Wong M.K. (Cambridge) UK  New Member

Yuan D. (Basking Ridge, NJ)

Zaccone T. (Saratoga, CA)

Zucchello D. (Como) IT

Zwicker B. (Toronto, ON) CA



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