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Trial memberships are $30 and may be renewed for a 2nd year. There is no longer a surcharge for postage if outside the U.S.
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Renewal Draw for a Volume* of The Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell
Eligible are:
1. Members who renew for 2012 between August 29 and October 31, 2012.
2. Members who, having renewed for 2012 before August 29, renew for 2013 by January 30th, 2013.
(Note: Dues are due January 1 anyway.) The draw will be on the 31st.
3. Life members.
Members in the draw in virtue of (1.) are denoted by . 2013 renewers (2.) are marked on the
2013 page.
*The winner will have a choice of Volumes 10, 11 and 28.

Honorary members
Neil Abercrombie
Tariq Ali UK
Mario Bunge CA
Noam Chomsky
Elizabeth R. Eames
Daniel Ellsberg
Christopher Farley UK
Ivor Grattan-Guinness UK
Nelson Mandela ZA
Taslima Nasrin
John Allen Paulos
John Russell UK
Katharine Russell Tait UK
Ibn Warraq

honorary members
A.J. Ayer
Ken Coates
Peter Cranford
Lester E. Denonn
Paul Edwards
Antony Flew
Michael Foot
Paul Kurtz
Linus Pauling
David Pears
Karl Popper
W.V. Quine
Conrad Russell
Dora Russell
Edith Russell
John Conrad Russell
Paul A. Schilpp
Life members
Akram T. (Marietta, GA)
Berumen M.E. (Windsor, CO) Sponsor
Bruneau W.A. (Vancouver, BC) CA
Calder W.M. (Urbana, IL)
Darland D.J. (Rock Island, IL) Contributor
Jackanicz D.W. (Chicago, IL)
Jonath E. (Volketswil) CH
Jonath Y. (Volketswil) CH
Leiber J. (Tallahasee, FL)
Lenz J.R. (Madison, NJ)
McGovern M.E. (Norway, ME) Benefactor
Reid J. (Wellesley, MA)
Smith W.A. (New York, NY)
Weyand C.L. (Meridian, ID) Patron

Adams M. (Arnold, MO) Sponsor
Akbari A. IR 2013
Andersson S. (Lund) SE
Anene C.I. NG New Member
Aragona L. (Cedar Grove, NJ)
Araujo-Jnr. E.V. (Porto Alegre, RS; Cambridge, UK) BR/UK
Ario L. (San Jose, CA)
Bae D. KR Contributor
Bauer H. (Wayland, NY) New Member
Beaney M. (York) UK Contributor 2014
Bishop A. (Hamilton, ON) CA
Blackwell K. (Hamilton, ON) CA Sustainer
Blair H.A. (Syracuse, NY) Contributor
Blaker K. (Hamilton, ON) CA
Blitz D. (Newington, CT) Contributor
Bock A. (Pittsford, NY)
Bomberger F. (Allentown, PA) Contributor
Bone A. (Dundas, ON) CA
Brown M. (Rochester, NY) New Member
Buxton J.H. (Norfolk, VA) 2013
Carey R. Contributor & Ongley J. (Bronx, NY) Sponsor
Chambers B. (Lacy, WA) Patron
Clontz J. (Bangkok) TH Contributor 2013
Collins R.L. (Princeton, MA)
Connelly J. (Peterborough, ON) CA
Cooke W. (Auckland) NZ 2014
Davis R.K. (West Hollywood, CA) Sponsor
Dispenzieri A. (Manhasset, NY) Rejoined
Doudna P. (Chesterfield, MO)
Duarte de Carvalho G. (Rio de Janeiro) BR
Duran J. (Goleta, CA)
Ebersole P. (Rochester, NY) Sponsor
Egendorf L. (Lincoln, MA) Sponsor
Elkind L. (Washington, DC) New Member 2013
Everdell W.R. (Brooklyn, NY)
Fallin R. (New York, NY) Contributor 2013
Fitzgerald J.J. (Longmeadow, MA) Sponsor
Flores R. & Pizzi S. (Barcelona) ES
Flynn T. (Buffalo, NY)
Forcan P. (Jersey City, NJ) Sponsor
Fuller M. (Janesville, WI)
Galaugher J. (Iowa City, IA)
Garciadiego A. (Del. Benito Juárez) MX
Germa F. (Brantford, ON) CA
Gill H. (Paradise, CA)
Green K. (Sheffield) UK Rejoined
Griffin N. (Troy, ON) CA 2013 Contributor
Guzman Jr, J.L. (Valencia, CA) 2013
Hacohen M. (Durham, NC)
Hansen E. (Sierra Madre, CA) Sustainer
Harada F. (Hamilton, ON) CA New Member
Harding T. (Cheltenham) AU
Harrison W.T. (Sheffield) UK Rejoined
Hearsum D. (Pembroke Lodge, Richmond) UK Rejoined 2013
Heineman R. (Alfred, NY) New Member
Helman M.M. (Buenos Aires) AR Sponsor
Henehan D. (Henrietta, NY) 2013
Ilusorio R.K. (Manila) PH Rejoined
Jacobs A. (North Bergen, NJ)
Johanson A. (Clearwater, FL)
Jones Wm. (Everett, WA)
Judkins J. (Canandaigua, NY)
Klement K. (Amherst, MA)
Koç Maclean G. (Calgary, AB) CA 2013
Kohl M. (New York, NY) 2013
Korhonen A. (Helsinki) FI
Kraus H. (Pine Mt Club, CA)
Kuboki Y. JP Rejoined
Landini G. (Iowa City, IA) 2013
Lechman T. (Rochester, NY) New Member
Leitzel J. (Chicago, IL) Contributor
Lindsey C.L. & Lucas S. (Grand Lake, CO)
Linsky B. (Edmonton, AB) CA Patron
Lipin M. (Northridge, CA)
Lucas B.J. (Purchase, NY)
Madigan T. (Rochester, NY) Sponsor
Maragides S. (Granite City, IL)
Martens D. ZA 2015
Masciandaro M. & Cerulli L. (Brooklyn, NY & Monroe, CT) New Members
Matsushita A. (Saitamashi, Saitama) JP
McClenathan E. (Fredonia, NY)
McColly F. (Lake Station, IN) Contributor 2014
McDole G. (Berkeley, CA) 2013
Mc Kenzie-Goodrich BA, W. (Portland, ME)
McNeill B. (Christchurch) NZ
McWilliams J. (Indianola, MS) Contributor
Medd J. (Kingston, ON) CA
Milkov N. (Paderborn) DE
Miri S.J. IR Rejoined
Mitchell N. (Williamsville, NY)
Mitsuda M. (Pacifica, CA)
Mundell J. (Toronto, ON) CA 2014
Notaro K. & Bresnahan K. (Cheshire, CT)
Odom Jr. R.H. (Shreveport, LA) Contributor
O'Leary D. (Swanzey, NH) 2013
Olson D. (Rochester, NY)
Ostertag G. (New York, NY)
Pace W.R. & Swart L. (Hardwick, NJ)
Pancs R. (Rochester, NY) New Member
Parker R. (Saskatoon, SK) CA
Perkins R. & K. (Concord, NH) Contributor 2013
Perovic K.(Iowa City, IA)
Pigden C. (Dunedin) NZ
Pincock C. (Columbia, MO)
Potter M.K. (Windsor, ON) CA Contributor
Raj C. SG
Reinhardt S. (Wilmington, DE) Sponsor
Riggins T. (New York, NY) Contributor
Robinson A. (Swanton, MD)
Rollings S.L. (Laguna Beach, CA) New Member
Schmid A.F. (Paris) FR Sustainer
Schwerin A. (Ocean Township, NJ)
Sebti R. (Edmonton, AB) CA
Smith A.H. (Bowie, MD) New Member
Spadoni C. (Hamilton, ON) CA
St. Vincent T. (Wakefield, MA) Contributor
Stanley T.J. (Wilder, VT) Contributor 2013
Stern D. (Iowa City, IA)
Sterrett S.G. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Stevens G.P. UK
Stevenson M. (Orillia, ON) CA Sponsor
Stone F. (Bethlehem, PA)
Stone P. (Dublin) IE Sponsor 2013 (Contributor)
Stronach C. (Petersburg, VA)
Swartz R. (Evanston, IL)
Trainer C. & Rice C. (Phoenixville, PA)
Vombrack S. (Tustin, CA) Contributor
Wade B. (Saratoga, CA) Sponsor
Wagner W.N. (Bethlehem, PA)
Wahl R. (Pocatello, ID) Contributor
Walther E. (New York, NY)
Walton M.L. (Naples, FL)
Weber M. (Salinas, CA)
Weidlich T. (New York, NY) Contributor 2013
White D. & L. (Rochester, NY)
White R.W. (Columbus, OH)
Wilson D. (Houston, TX) 2013
Wishon D. (University, MS) 2013
Zaccone T. (Saratoga, CA)
Zack R. (Rochester, NY) Rejoined
Zaslow J. (Hamilton, ON) CA
Zwicker B. (Toronto, ON) CA Contributor 2013
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