Members in Good Standing, 2009
Members with mailing addresses outside the United States are indicated by 19 Internet country codes.
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Honorary Members
Tariq Ali
Noam Chomsky
Ken Coates
Elizabeth R. Eames
Antony Flew
Michael Foot
Paul Kurtz
Nelson Mandela
Taslima Nasrin
†David F. Pears
Katharine Russell Tait
Ibn Warraq

Life Members
Berumen M.E. (Laguna Miguel, CA)
Calder W.M. (Urbana, IL)
Darland D.J. (Rock Island, IL)
Jackanicz D.W. (Chicago, IL)
Jonath E. CH
Jonath Y. CH
Leiber J. (Tallahasee, FL)
Reid J. (Wellesley, MA)
Smith W.A. (New York, NY)
Weyand C.L. (Meridian, ID) Sponsor

Abercrombie N. (Honolulu, HI) Rejoined
Adams F. & M. (Willis, TX) New members
Adams M. (Jackson, MO) Contributor
Ahmed M.A. (Arverne, NY) New member
Andersson S. SE
Apostolova I. (Ottawa, ON) CA
Aragona L. (Cedar Grove, NJ)
Bae D. KR Contributor
Bayne S. (Elmhurst, IL)
Beaney M. UK
Bishop A. (Hamilton, ON) CA Contributor; Rejoined
Bishop Butler Society (Rochester, NY)
Bisk F. (Greenport, NY)
Blackwell K. (Hamilton, ON) CA Contributor
Blair H.A. (Syracuse, NY) Contributor
Blais R. (Santa Barbara, CA)
Blitz D. (New Britain, CT)
Bock A. (Pittsford, NY)
Bomberger F. (Allentown, PA)
Bone A. (Dundas, ON) CA
Bruneau W.A. (Vancouver, BC) CA 2011 Sponsor
Bunton J. (Toronto, ON) CA Sponsor
Buxton J.H. (Norfolk, VA)
Carey R. (Bronx, NY)
Cesarz G.L. (Cape Girardeau, MO)
Chambers B. (Lacy, WA)
Clontz J. TH
Collins R.L. (Princeton, MA)
Conti R. (Wilmington, NC) New member
Cooke W. NZ
Davis R.K. (West Hollywood, CA) Sponsor
Dispenzieri A. (Manhasset, NY)
Doudna P. (Chesterfield, MO)
Duarte de Carvalho G. BR Rejoined
Duran J. (Goleta, CA)
Ebersole p. (Rochester, NY)
Egendorf L. (Lincoln, MA)
Everdell W.R. (Brooklyn, NY)
Facer T. UK New member
Fallin R. (New York, NY)
Fisher G. (South Salem, NY) New member
Fitz D. (Kimberton, PA) New member
Fitzgerald J.J. (Longmeadow, MA) Sponsor
Flores R. & Pizzi S. ES Contributor
Flynn T. (Buffalo, NY)
Forcan P. (Jersey City, NJ)
Foster T.R. (Muncie, IN) New member
Fulin R.A. BR New member
Fuller M. (Janesville, WI) Sponsor
Galaugher J. (Hamilton, ON) CA New member
Gandon S. FR
Garciadiego A. MX
Germa F. (Brantford, ON) CA
Giannoulis A. GR
Gill H. (Paradise, CA)
Gillett D. & Farmer M. (Mountain View, CA) Rejoined
Griffin N. (Troy, ON) CA
Gross G.P. (Bethlehem, PA)
Hacohen M. (Durham, NC) New member
Hamad P. (Cleveland, OH)
Hansen E. (Sierra Madre, CA)
Harding T. AU
Harrison W.T. UK
Hartman D.J. (Mechanicsburg, PA) Rejoined
Hearsum D. UK
Helman M.M. AR New member; Contributor
Henehan D. (Henrietta, NY) Contributor
Horne T. (Phoenix, AZ) Rejoined
Hu J. (Menlo Park, CA) New member
Huber H. DE New member
Hudnall M. (Dover, OH)
Hurley T. (Francestown, NH) New member
Ilusorio R.K. PH
Jetli P. IN Rejoined
Jones Wm. (Everett, WA)
Judkins J. (Canandaigua, NY)
Kazanovicz C. (Francestown, NH) New member
Keene C.A. (Edwardsville, IL) Sponsor
Klement K. (Amherst, MA)
Koc G. (Hamilton, ON) CA
Kohl M. (New York, NY) Sponsor
Korhonen A. FI
Kortelainen I. FI Rejoined
Kraus H. (Pine Mt Club, CA)
Kuboki Y. JP
Landini G. (Iowa City, IA) 2010 Sponsor
Lauricella C.V. (Blasdell, NY) Rejoined
Leerhoff H. DE
Lenz J.R. (Madison, NJ)
Link M. (Cambridge, MA)
Linsky B. (Edmonton, AB) CA
Lintott B. (Toronto, ON) CA New member
Lipin M. (Northridge, CA)
Lucas B.J. (Purchase, NY)
Ludwig J. (Laguna Beach, CA)
Lugg A. (Montreal, PQ) CA
Madigan T. (Rochester, NY)
Maragides S. (Granite City, IL)
Martens D. ZA
Matsushita A. JP
McClenathan E. (Fredonia, NY)
McColly F. (Lake Station, IN) Contributor
McDole G. (Berkeley, CA) Rejoined
Mc Kenzie-Goodrich BA, W. (Portland, ME)
McWilliams J. (Eagle Pass, TX)
†Meijer T. (North Saanich, BC) CA
Miri S.J. IR New member
Miroff N. (Sarasota, FL)
Mitchell N. (Williamsville, NY)
Mitsuda M. (Pacifica, CA)
Nickerson S. (Hamilton, ON) CA
Odom, Jr. R.H. (Shreveport, LA)
O'Kane N. & Velinski V. (Chicago, IL)
Olson D. (Regina, SK) CA New Member
Ongley J. (Bronx, NY)
Ostertag G. (New York, NY)
Overmyer M.E. (Rochester, NY) New member
Parker R. (Saskatoon, SK) CA
Perkins R. & K. (Concord, NH)
Perovic K. UK New member 2010
Peterka C. (Exton, PA)
Pigden C. NZ
Pincock, C. (West Lafayette, IN)
Potter M.K. CA
Raisz H. (Farmington, CT)
Reinhardt S. (Wilmington, DE) Sponsor
Reisch G. (Chicago, IL) New member
Riggins T. (New York, NY)
Robinson A. (Swanton, MD)
Rogers A. (Fremont, CA) New member
Schmid A.F. FR
Schmitt R.H. (Oak Park, IL) Sponsor
Schwerin A. (Ocean Township, NJ)
St. Vincent T. (Wakefield, MA)
Stanbridge P. UK Sponsor 2010
Stanley T. (Wilder, VT) Contributor
Staron M. (Bajonne, NJ) New member
Stern D. (Iowa City, IA)
Stevens G.P. UK
Stoeckle D. (San Jose, CA) New member
Stone F. (Bethlehem, PA)
Stone P. (Stanford, CA) Sustainer
Stronach C. (Petersburg, VA)
Summerfield R. DE New member
Swartz R. (Birmingham, MI)
Taylor D. (Independence, VA) Rejoined
Trainer C. & Rice C. (Phoenixville, PA)
Vombrack S. (Tustin, CA)
Wade B. (Saratoga, CA)
Wagner W.N. (Bethlehem, PA) New member
Wahl R. (Pocatello, ID)
Walther E. (New York, NY)
Walton M.L. (Naples, FL)
Weber M. (Salinas, CA)
Weidlich T. (New York, NY) Contributor
White D. & L. (Rochester, NY) Contributors
White R.W. (Columbus, OH) Rejoined
Wichern C.B. (Perryville, MO)
Yates E. & Chang M. (Sunnyvale, CA) New members
Ye R. (New York, NY)
Young B.M. (Hadley, MA)
Yuccas R.H. (Naperville, IL)
Zaccone T. (Saratoga, CA)
Zack, R. (Rochester, NY)
Zwicker B. (Toronto, ON) CA Rejoined
Donations to the BRS may be tax deductible as The Bertrand Russell Society, Inc. is a tax-exempt charitable organization. It reports as a charity to the State of Illinois.
Including dues: Life member US$1,000+. Benefactor US$500+. Patron US$250+. Sponsor US$100+. Sustainer US$75+. Contributor US$50+.

Donors of trial memberships: K. Blackwell, N. Griffin, D. Henehan, M. Kohl, J. Lenz, T. Madigan, J. Ongley, R. Perkins, C. Trainer, D. White.

Lists are current as of 2 July 2010 [195]. Contact the BRS Treasurer with inquiries and corrections.

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