Members in Good Standing, 2007
Members with mailing addresses outside the United States are indicated by 15 Internet country codes.
(For those who with dues paid for 2008, click here.)

Honorary members
Tariq Ali
Noam Chomsky
Ken Coates
Elizabeth R. Eames
Antony Flew
Michael Foot
Paul Kurtz
Nelson Mandela
Taslima Nasrin
David F. Pears
Katharine Russell Tait
Ibn Warraq

Life members
Berumen M.E.
Calder W.M.
Darland D.J.
Jackanicz D.W.
Jonath E. CH
Jonath Y. CH
Reid J.
Smith W.A.
Weyand C.L.

Adams M.
Andersson S. SE
Apostolova I. CA
Aragona J. Contributor
Bae D. KR
Bayne S. & Martin M. 2008 rejoined
Beaney M. UK
Bishop Butler Society
Blackwell K. CA Sponsor
Blair H.A.
Blaylock S. & McAlister A. 2008 new members
Blitz D.
Bock A. & P.
Bomberger F. Contributor
Bone A. CA
Bowersock K.A.
Brodie K.S.
Bruneau W.A. CA 2011
Bunton J. CA
Buxton J.
Cai Y.
Carey R.
Cesarz G.
Chambers B.
Clontz J. TH
Cocchiarella N.B.
Collins R.
Cooke B. NZ
Copson A. UK new member
Dale J. CA rejoined
Daniel D.M. UK new member
Davis R.K. Contributor
DeFalco J. new member
Dispenzieri A. rejoined
Dodd B. 2008 new member
Doudna P.
Duran J.
Ebersole P.
Egendorf L.
Everdell W.R. new member
Fallin R.
Farmer M.L. & Gillett D.
Fitzgerald J.J. Contributor
Flores R. & Pizzi S. ES
Flynn T.W.
Fuller M.
Garciadiego A.R. MX
Germa F. CA new member
Gill H.
Goldman D. Patron
Gorman B.
Green K. UK rejoined
Griffin N. CA 2008
Gross G.P.
Gross T. new member
Hain K.J.
Halonen I. FI
Hamad P. rejoined
Hansen E. Contributor
Harding T. AU
Harrison W.T. UK
Hartman D. rejoined
Hearsum D. UK 2008
Henehan D.L.
Hofer A.D. rejoined
Horne T.C. Contributor
Hudnall M. new member
Johnson-Moxley M.K.
Jones Wm.A. 2008 rejoined
Judkins J.
Kaarik A. SE
Keene C.A. Sponsor
Klement K.
Koc G. CA
Kohl M. 2008 Contributor
Korhonen A. FI
Kortelainen I. FI new member
Krantz C.
Kraus H.
Kuboki Y. JP
Landini G.
Lauricella C.V.
Leerhoff H. DE
Leiber J. Sponsor
Lenz J.R.
Link M.
Linsky B. CA Contributor
Lipin M.
Ludwig J. CA rejoined
Lugg A.
Madigan T.
Maragides S.
Martens D. SA
Matsushita A. JP
McClenathan E.
McDole G. rejoined
Mc Kenzie-Goodrich W.
McKeon M.
McNamara R. new member
McNeill B. NZ new member
McWilliams J.E. & S.
Miroff N.I.
Mitchell N.
Mitsuda M. rejoined
Novakovic L. & Forcan P. rejoined
Odom R.H
O'Kane N. & Velinski V. new members
Ongley J.
Ostertag G.
Parker R. CA new member
Perkins R. & K. Contributors
Peterka C. 2008 new member
Pigden C. NZ new member
Pincock C.
Potter M. CA
Reinhardt S.J. Sponsor
Rider J. CA rejoined
Riemenschneider R.A. Sponsor
Riggins T.
Robinson A.
Russell C. AU new member
Schmid A.-F. FR 2009
Schmitt R.H.
Schwerin A.
Sequeira M.A. Contributor
St. Vincent T.S.
Stanbridge P. UK
Stanley T.
Stern D.
Stevens G. UK new member
Stone A. UK rejoined
Stone F.
Stone P. & Murray R.
Stronach C.E.
Swartz R.
Tennant G.D. & M.B.
Trainer C. & Rice C.
Vombrack S.
Wade B.A.
Wahl R.
Walton M.
Weber M. 2008
Weidlich T.
White D. & L.
White R.W. new member
Wichern C.B.
Willman M.D.
Winterburn J. rejoined
Ye R.
Young B.
Yuccas R.H.
Zaccone T.S.
Zackon D.
Donations to the BRS may be tax deductible as The Bertrand Russell Society, Inc. is a tax-exempt charitable organization. It reports as a charity to the State of Illinois.
Including dues: Life member $1,000+. Benefactor $500+. Patron $250+. Sponsor $100+. Sustainer $75+. Contributor $50+.

Lists are current as of 15 April 2008 [180+7nextyear]; countries were added 20 Nov. 2008. Contact the BRS Treasurer re inquiries and corrections.

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