Andrew Bone and Michael Stevenson have completed How to Keep the Peace: The Pacifist Dilemma, 1935–38. The volume was published by Routledge in Britain in April 2008 and in North America at the end of August. Volume 21 of the Collected Papers traces the development of Russell’s pacifist thinking in these tumultuous pre-war years and the divisions that appeared in the peace movement over how best to respond to fascist aggression.

Fifteen papers that were first presented at the centenary of “On Denoting” conference at McMaster are scheduled for publication late in 2008 in Russell vs. Meinong: the Legacy of “On Denoting”, New York: Routledge. This volume is being edited by the co-organizers of the May 2005 conference, Nicholas Griffin and Dale Jacquette. A different selection of these Russell–Meinong papers appeared in a recent issue of Russell. The latest number of the Journal is Volume 28, issue no. 1.

The student research assistant at the Russell Centre this summer was Joe Finkle, a second-year history major. Another history student, Richelle Capriotti, has been working on a major digitization project—linking images captured from the microfilm of the Russell Archives to their document numbers and ultimately, to their corresponding records in BRACERS. McMaster University Library is working collaboratively on this project with the BRRC.

Documents, photographs and audio-visual materials from the Russell Archives feature in several “waging peace” case studies written by members of the Russell Centre for the McMaster University Library’s new Peace and War in the 20th Century web site.

Development has begun of a master index for those volumes of the Collected Papers already published. We are also working on making the volumes simultaneously searchable in-house.

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