The Bertrand Russell Research Centre was proud to act as co-sponsor of a visit to McMaster by Noam Chomsky from 11–14 November 2002. On 12 November Prof. Chomsky spoke as a visiting Hooker Lecturer on "Is there Intelligent Life on Earth? The Role of the Intellectual Culture and Institutions". Two days later he delivered the 2002 Bertrand Russell Peace Lecture, entitled "The Emerging Framework of World Order". He also participated in three smaller seminars—on language, anarchism and 9/11.

Professor Chomsky is a great admirer of Russell, a photograph of whom graces his office at MIT. While at McMaster he took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Russell Archives, where Chomsky himself is among the thousands of correspondents in the collection. And in one of his talks he alluded to Russell's harassment by the British authorities during the First World War. Professor Chomsky also agreed to join the Advisory Editorial Board of the Collected Papers.

Professor Chomsky's visit generated an enormous amount of interest both on campus and in the wider community. Both his formal lectures were full to capacity, the second at a downtown Hamilton venue with a capacity of over 2500. And some people waited in line for several hours for their free tickets. Several manifestations of this "Chomsky mania" were recorded by the same local film production company—Red Canoe—that is working on a new Russell documentary. Their documentary record of the Chomsky visit will also showcase Prof. Chomsky's current thinking about world politics, U.S. foreign policy and the developing crisis in the Middle East, as well as highlighting his continuing academic involvement with linguistics—the field in which he first rose to prominence in the 1960s. It will be submitted to Canada's "Hot Docs" film festival in the spring.

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